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Exploring the hidden depths of Corfu: The ancient secrets of the Greek island’s caves unlocked

A journey down into the underground depths of the Greek island of Corfu that lasted 15 days and explored 25 caves was completed a few days ago by Dutch speleologist Rene van Vliet and a team of both local and notable European speleologists and spelunkers.

“ Corfu has more caves than one would expect. Up until now I have collected information on 186 caves and chasms but there are many more on land and in the sea.” Rene van Vliet said to the ANA, noting that another 78 caves remained to be explored.

The team included speleologist Gertjan van Pelt as well as Corfu speleologists and forestry experts Yiannis Gasteratos and Theodoros Skalitis. Among the caves they visited were those of Platesgourna, Grava, Gravolithia, Pitiri’s Grava, Charos’ Grava, Bouzavieri’s Grava and Pelaus’ Hole at Ai Mathias.

Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, which reflect the individual ‘history’ of each cave as they build up over the years, these caves all have their own myths that are associated with them, van Vliet noted.

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