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May 19, 2019

Prosecutor appeals rejection of N17 terrorist’s furlough request

Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou late on Friday appealed a decision by a judicial council not to grant a fresh furlough to convicted November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas. 

The prosecutor’s appeal is expected to be discussed by a judicial council of the Supreme Court and, if accepted, will pave the way for the review of the case. 

On May 11, a prison council rejected the appeal by the 61-year-old terrorist, who is in hospital following a two-week hunger strike, deeming that he should not be eligible as he has never expressed regret for his activities as the assassin for the N17 terrorist organization.

Just a few hours after the decision, Dimitriou said she would review the decision, fueling fears that it may be revoked.

Koufodinas, who was reportedly taken to the intensive care unit at the Volos General Hospital on Friday, has threatened to continue his hunger strike “to the end” if his furlough is not granted.

His hunger strike sparked a spate of attacks by anarchists in support of the former hitman, including the vandalism of Pyatt’s residence on Wednesday morning.

He is serving 11 life sentences for his part in the murders claimed by the now defunct terrorist group November 17, including American and British diplomats.

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