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December 13, 2019

See the best-kept sectret beach in Greece (video)

Summer may have passed, but the warm climate makes our minds wander back to the sunny beaches.

Greek YouTuber haanity takes us on yet another wonderful trip via one of his uploads on his channel titled “Greece’s most private beach”.
A place of exquisite beauty, one of the best-kept secrets of our country.

Apaggio (Suntrap place) Beach in Laconia, near Kavo-Malia, in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula is a deep and narrow natural fjord, set against a backdrop of white sand with turquoise, warm waters.

Around the beach and beneath the rocks that form it, a number of caves reminiscent of the hippy Matala caves of Crete can be found. Indeed, in several caves, there are foreign language inscriptions from the people that once inhabited them. On the rocks surrounding the caves grows caper, hanging in the gaps like a “curtain”.

The area is sparsely populated, similar to a secluded place, with little vegetation and people. In short, it is the ultimate turquoise retreat.
Access is easy via a dirt road. The beach is always protected from the strong winds of Cavo Malea, which are known for their harshness.

Enjoy the breathtaking video over the beach:

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