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Trivago: Easy ways to use Google Analytics to improve a hotel’s marketing strategy

“Google Analytics for hotel websites” is a topic that Trivago’s readers have asked the leading platform to cover on its Business Blog.

Trivago notes how powerful a tool Google Analytics can be for a hotel property. It provides must-have data for understanding how the property’s website is performing, as well as insights for improving and enhancing hotel marketing with better targeting, optimized campaigns, and new activities.

As soon as you have a Google Analytics, you can start improving your hotel marketing in the following easy ways:

1. Track the overall performance of your property’s website

It’s important that you have a solid understanding of your website’s performance, and that you’re monitoring this performance over time. This will give you important information about how effective your hotel marketing is at bringing traffic to your site, which is crucial if you want to improve your marketing and track the results of your activities and campaigns.

It’ll also give you a good idea of how effective your site is at keeping travelers interested in your offerings, and how effective your overall booking journey is at converting potential guests into confirmed guests. Both equally important if your overall marketing strategy is to be a success.

There are three key metrics you’re going to want to look at:

  • Acquisition metrics — such as Sessions — measure how travelers arrive at your property’s website.
  • Behavior metrics — such as Bounce Rate — measure how travelers engage with your property’s website.
  • Conversion metrics — such as Goal Conversion Rate — measure how travelers complete an action on your property’s website.

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